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    Pave the way for the future of universities and society through value creation

    < Contributing to universities >

    In our role as professionals of education, research and university administration, contribute to the transportation of universities in becoming more diverse and advanced.

    < Contributing to society >

    Utilize advanced technology, expertise and knowledge attained by being a university partner to contribute to problem-solving and human resource development needs in society.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation
August 2, 2004
Toyohiko Jimma
2F Okuma Square Building
1-9-12 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051 Japan
350 employees (As of Jan 2024)
50 million yen
Waseda University Group Holdings Inc.
5.1 billion yen (Jan to Dec 2023)
Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart
Board Members

<Directors, Auditors>

  • Representative Director: Toyohiko Jimma(Manager, General Affairs Division, Waseda University)
  • Director: Hiroyuki Igawa
  • Director: Teruhisa Yamada
  • Director: Nobuki Tajima
  • Director: Takayuki Homma (Executive Vice Presidents, Waseda University)
  • Director: Matsumoto Hiroyuki (Director, Research Promotion Division, Waseda University)
  • Director: Kazumi Onouchi (Director, International Affairs Division,Waseda University)
  • Director: Tomohiro Takahashi (Director, IT Strategies Division, Waseda University)
  • Auditor: Shogo Kaneko (Director, Financial Affairs Division, Waseda University)

<Executive Officers>

  • President: Toyohiko Jimma
  • Senior Managing Executive Officer: Hiroyuki Igawa
  • Managing Executive Officer: Teruhisa Yamada
  • Managing Executive Officer: Nobuki Tajima
  • Executive Officer: Seiko Oya
  • Executive Officer: Hiroshi Ueno

Description of Business

University Management Support

Contributing to the standardization, quantification and diversification of university operations.

◆ Solutions centered on the outsourcing of the unique operational services of universities
  • Centralized processing of office work, library administration, payroll administration, alumni management, student consultation, travel arrangements for faculty and for students studying abroad.

Education Support

Contributing to society’s development of human resources by utlizing university attained knowledge.

◆ Contributions to the broadening of university attained knowledge within society through continuing education
  • Planning and operations for continuing education centers, business executive education, human resource and organizational development/consulting for corporate groups, university staff development, consulting for external funding acquisition.

Internationalization Support

Contributing to the internationalization and improvement of university’s value internationally.

◆ Support for programs sending/receiving exchange students, and solutions for foreign language course development and operation
  • Development and operation of short/long-term exchange student programs, travel risk management, acceptance of foreign researchers, content development and operation of small-group foreign language courses, overseas accreditation support, support the development of junior researchers under international frameworks.

Support for Academic Research Activities

Contributing to improvements in research organization and the acquisition of external funding for research.

◆ Comprehensive service solutions related to research
  • Research application support, research fund management, support for human resource development among researchers (including junior researchers), services to support the smooth progression of research for individuals and groups.

Information Systems Support

Contributing to the creation and operation of university information systems and infrastructure.

◆ Solutions related to university information systems development, operations and integration
  • Information systems development and operation, creation and delivery of visual content, ICT infrastructure and technology systems integration, copyright license procedures for entrance exams and other educational material.

Services for Society

Contributing to the strengthening and development of links between universities and society.

◆ Solutions for society to access university education and research results
  • Provision of academic-based educational programs for children, implementation of research results to offer solutions for issues faced by businesses/regions, support the commercialization of university-related ventures, symposium/PR outreach support.


2F Okuma Square Building
1-9-12 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051 Japan